Журнал ПТО (подъемно-транспортное оборудование), №8(61) август 2005

The history of Moscow "Forma 92" enterprise began in the earliest years of establishing of the new Russian economy, when the demand for Soviet type equipment sharply decreased, and other equipment wasn't manufactured yet. So in early 1990's, a group of company founders, without considerable physical assets, with the exception of business energy and intellect, began its activity with placing of orders on facilities of "dying" factory giants.

Year after year developing Russian economy demonstrated ever-increasing demand for warehousing, trade and office equipment. In the course of time customer preferences changed, and so did the company policy. If at first its managers followed the principle - "we sell our client only the product which we are able to produce", but soon this principle gave place to another one - "we produce only the product to meet the customer".

Therefore, analyzing on this experience and study of customer demand trends, "Forma 92" designers developed element base of multiple rack product, which fulfilled the majority of requests and in future it became the standard for the company.

In 1998 the Russian economy was hit by financial crisis which made an immediate impact on manufacturing application time of standard elements. Financial crisis was accompanied by ruble devaluation, that in turn led to drastic increase of all import production costs. As a result the production price was in the lead for domestic customers. "Forma 92" company took advantage of this favourable market situation and developed effective mass production of standard items. The result is reducing of the end price on warehousing equipment without detriment to quality.

In the course of time the Russian economy was growing, showing steady increase in production and consumption. High activity of economic entities was also accompanied by aggravation of competition and optimization of business processes.

In particular many domestic companies had to use every meter of there warehouses and terminals more rationally because of increase costs for storage facilities rent and building (especially for ones located in Moscow and Moscow region).

New project of high-level rack for two-storied storage was developed by "Forma 92" designers as response on this tendency. In 1998 the company already built such warehouse on the base of standard elements Modul Series for one of their customers.

Following first two-storied storage the tens of such and other no less interesting projects were realized. Geography of our production deliveries also gradually expanded, and today "Forma 92" solutions one can see on different warehousing buildings in Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg, Tyumen, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Saratov, Kazan, etc.

We always propose to our customers the optimal solution for cargo storage and handling area planning with application of off-standard product and structures.

"Forma 92" has opportunity more flexible and effective lineup its manufacturing activities thanks to own local manufacturing capabilities (main plant is located in Moscow region, and secondary ones - in separate Russian towns). So execution period of customer orders is reduced in comparison with foreign competitors.

Moreover we offer the racks according to requirements of our domestic customers. These racks are easy modernized, disassembled as well as undemanding for level floor installation. And for our customers from Siberia and Russian Far East we have developed zinc-coated structures and special polymeric coatings, which protect product at low temperatures with violent fluctuations.

It has to be noted, that our customers have the opportunity to carry over our rack structures without great man-hour and losses, if necessary. This is accomplished by modular concept of main elements, which could be added and rebuild for new task solution. For example, in 2003 we carried over on another territory the high-level rack for two-storied storage raised in 1998. Typically, that our customer confirmed almost all used elements for repeated application.

For the purpose of checking our product quality we periodically test it, among them with the participation of independent experts. As well we carefully gather information from customers about our product operation, especially when carrying out the maintenance. Standard warranty, provided by "Forma 92" is 12 months, but in some instances we can to prolong it up to three years.

We pay special attention to our permanent and "old" customers. According our informal rule all customers who just one time purchased our product pass into special category and have a right for accumulative discount. And more than three hundreds of our partners with whom we successfully collaborate during last years, are another confirmation of our professional reputation.

But we don't rest on these achievements and continue to expand volume and range of out product and goods. One of company latest developments is multilevel structure for three-storied storage recently raised in the city of Krasnodar. Customer of this solution - local car technical center - was needed the storage area for wide range of spare parts, from small-scale articles to large body-type workpieces.

"Forma 92" is beneficially different from competitors that allows to increase its share of market from year to year. Today the company offers optimal periods for design, manufacture, delivery and assembly of its products. Reliability confirmation of our company is long-term work experience (13 years) and more than 5 000 projects implemented by us, as well as recommendations from our permanent customers.

Our philosophy is individual attention to every customer and carrying out preliminary work in order to avoid mistakes. First we analyze general properties of material flows (including commodity dimensions and weights, package quantity and storage conditions). We also study accurately the principles of loading and unloading activities, length of load transportation to storage location and motion schemes.

Technical specifications are set up only after complete analysis of these data in collaboration with customers. On the ground of these specifications some versions of warehouse arrangement are developed and offered to customers. The customer selects optimal version, then necessary warehousing equipment is chosen (from racks to containers and plastic packages).

After project costs agreement the project stages and its terms of implementation are defined. Flexible operating conditions allow our customers themselves to determine most priority tasks. Then we implement these tasks.

We look forward with hopefulness and invite interested persons and companies to mutually-beneficial and fruitful collaboration.